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About us

We are a small passionate team who love what we do. 

We strive to help developers bring interesting and innovative design to new homeowners by finding creative and attractive solutions that fit their projects location and budget. 

Our approach is very much about developing close-knit long term relationships with our clients that are collaborative, enjoyable and fruitful.



Meet the team


Founder and Director

Olivia Borszyńska

Olivia studied Urban Planning, Design and Management at UCL and started her career working for a design-led property developer in London Bridge in 2012. 

Since then she has been a Development Manager, worked in corporate Land Agency selling sites for development, and ultimately found her calling in Interiors and Marketing.


Her ultimate goal is to run the world's most elegant boutique hotel in a remote location and travel the world buying unique furnishings for her guests. 


How to recognise Olivia? 

She has never left the house without eyeliner and will always tell you she is "only staying for one".. only to be the last one standing. 


Senior Designer

Kasia Będkowska

Kasia graduated with a Masters Degree in Interior Design back in 2014 and has been working as a freelance designer and master 3d visualiser ever since.  

She has an amazing eye for new trends and combining materials. She is in charge of coordinating our project specifications and setting the tone of all our CGIs. 


Her dream is to start a bathroom cabinet empire and live on yacht.

How to recognise Kasia? 

She always wears black and drinks tea out of a pint-sized mug. 

Gabi and Kasia OLIO Team.JPG


Gabi Mróz

Gabi graduated with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Cracow University of Technology and is our Queen of Technical Drawings. 

She spent a year abroad in Spain during her studies where she picked up interior style influences from world leading designers and is currently  passionately developing her CGI portfolio. 

Her dream is to live a clean, green life in a cabin in the woods and create designs inspired by nature, and always be barefoot and without make up. 

How to recognise Gabi?

She is always in Vans trainers and maintains a very militant snacking schedule.

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